Lisa is dedicated to empowering her clients with financial acumen. The insight she provides into your business’ financial model can greatly increase your operating efficiency and thus cash flows through helping you make better strategic financial decisions.

John Boyle – Rocky Mountain Wealth Architects

Darin RayI have known Lisa for some time now. In the course of our conversations I find that Lisa excels at providing financial direction, training, and support to companies. She has deep feelings for the welfare of small businesses. Though educated and trained in accounting, Lisa understands that success is not had by following convention. As your company's CFO, she ensures that you are driving your finances looking through the windshield rather than the rear view mirror. ABI endorses Lisa as an iCFO and we are delighted to work with her.

Darin Ray – American Business Institute

Becky O'GuinLisa’s insight into what is working and what is not has positively impacted my life. She’s helped me take a problem and turn it into an opportunity. She’s helped me gain wisdom in my work and personal life by helping me focus on what is important and deserving of my attention. Her business acuity is smart, tangible, and valuable.

Becky O’Guin - Community Relations Director

dan-mckenzieSince I began working with Lisa, I’ve gotten more focused, more organized, and more efficient. She has helped me prioritize, plan, and get the things done that make my business more successful. I am on significantly better financial footing than I was before I began working with Lisa and her advice and counsel has been critical to that.

 Daniel McKenzie – The McKenzie Law Firm, LLC


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