Dawson’s ROI

Incentive Program Success

Dawson's ROI Model is a unique, proprietary methodology for creating incentive management programs that can address most immediate challenges companies face regularly while providing...

The Secret to Incentive Program Success

  • Higher Return on Invested Capital
  • Lower Product and Overhead Costs
  • Better Asset Utilization
  • Faster Delivery
  • Greater Customer Loyalty, Satisfaction and Retention
  • Higher Perfect Order Rates
  • Greater Sales and Marketing Productivity
  • Higher Quality
  • More Agile and Dependable Infrastructure
Focusing on business objectives first, you'll accelerate your company past competitors while improving the culture within your organization. 
These unusually successful programs have, at their heart, return on investment (ROI).

Will this work in my business?

"It's not a matter of IF this will work in your business, but rather HOW WELL it will work in your business." ~ Bob Dawson

Bob Dawson wrote the book, literally, on what it takes to run a successful Incentive Program. He brings a unique perspective to incentive program management. His ROI Model shows you how to approach incentive programs as an investment rather than just throwing money at ill-chosen merchandise and trips.

 What incentive industry leader, Bruce Bolger, had to say about "The Secret to Incentive Program Success" in the books guest preface.

The time has come for Robert S. Dawson's "The Secret to Incentive Program Success," and few people are more qualified to produce this work. Dawson has spent the better part of his career pursuing a thankless task: promoting the concept that organizations should apply scientific principles to incentive program design and measurement.

Dawson's challenge is that, for all the talk of program measurement, relatively few corporation or even incentive companies apply the latest scientific principles to their  program. It's no surprise, given that the subject is hardly addressed in any marketing or management textbooks used in undergraduate or graduate business programs.

Another problem is that many of the people who believe in incentive programs and who regularly use them in the organizations often do so more out of faith and a desire to create an  exciting workplace than out of a serious respect for the ability of incentive programs to create an enduring performance - an objectives based organization. In many other companies, incentives are often a quick fix, do-this, get-that proposition--the old carrot approach.

Dawson's book gives these programs the respect they are due. In a time when organization seek to build more meaningful relationships with key people and strive to increase market share and sales by keeping customers and by promoting referrals, incentive programs deserve this level of understanding. Drawing on his years of front-line experience with companies seeking a more formal approach to their incentive program design, Dawson combines insight and real-life examples essential to any marketer or manager serious about getting measurable results.

Bruce Bolger

President - Engagement Enterprises




Dawson’s ROI Incentive Programs
  • Programs Operated – 862
  • Different Companies – 681
  • Different NAICS Industries – 236
  • 98% of Programs Repeated for 3 years or longer
  • 88% of Programs Repeated over 7 years
  • 100% of Programs Obtained Positive Incremental ROI

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