ROI Services

Every leading business today strives for better performance, higher return on invested capital, lower product and overhead costs, better asset utilization, faster delivery, greater customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention, higher perfect order rates, greater sales and marketing productivity, higher quality and more agile and dependable infrastructure.

Your Profit Catalyst provides business owners, executives and managers of both large and small organizations across all industries with the resources that drive distinctive, measurable and lasting improvements to the performance of their organization.

With a focus on delivering measurable results to clients, we focus our deep understanding of human behavior and technology to create smart, fast solutions that help clients ignite the potential of their employees and business partners.

The ROI Solution

  • Proven model that shows attribution so you know the incentive program produced the incremental net profit.
  • Business Process driven approach engages other functional areas of the business for a whole team approach to drive sales growth.
  • Increased Sales and Bottom-Line incremental net profit through reduction in COGS, increased Gross Margin, and reduction in SG&A expenses.
  • Proactively address gaps in the ability to meet the demand of increase sales volumes on the other functional areas of the business.
  • Establish relevant non-sales benchmarks to assess performance
    gains directly attributable to the Incentive Program, including non-sales functional
  • areas of the business.
  • Produces an atmosphere of inclusion not exclusion within the organization: non-sales support functions see that their input makes a difference, they feel included and seen and therefore willing to do their part even if they don’t earn a reward.
  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting on performance using our proprietary SaaS application to proactive adjust to internal and external factors that could affect the incentive program’s success.
  • Monitor your progress with our CEO Dashboard and reports.
Dawson’s ROI Incentive Programs
  • Programs Operated – 862
  • Different Companies – 681
  • Different NAICS Industries – 236
  • 98% of Programs Repeated for 3 years or longer
  • 88% of Programs Repeated over 7 years
  • 100% of Programs Obtained Positive Incremental ROI

It is Time to Evaluate the Performance of Your Incentive Program!

The first step to bridging the ROI gap in your incentive program is evaluating your most recent completed program.

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