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EEPMFinancial ROI and Engagement through Incentives, Recognition and Rewards

The Enterprise Engagement Performance Management Solution (EEPM) is based on business outcomes first and foremost. While incentives, rewards and recognition programs have demonstrated their value in terms of driving top-line revenue growth and engagement, the industry has struggled to measure the real financial value; bottom-line profitability and ROI attributed to such programs. According to Dr. Ron McKinley, Co-Founder of the International Center for Enterprise Engagement, the ISO 10018 standard calls for an "...organization approach to a way that achieves a clear return-on-investment."

The EEPM Solution has provided clear return-on-investment measurement for clients using the model since 1991 and will now be available for companies, engagement providers and business consultants through our EEPM Certification Programs.

Any ROI Engagement solution should provide a mechanism for monitoring and reporting the results of the program employed regularly, not just at the end of a program. The EEPM SaaS software does just that. It has been designed to mirror the Dawson's ROI Framework as outlined below and holds all the data for ongoing monitoring and reporting for the engagement program.

EEPM Certification Courses to launch in 2018
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Dawson’s ROI Incentive Programs
  • Programs Operated – 862
  • Different Companies – 681
  • Different NAICS Industries – 236
  • 98% of Programs Repeated for 3 years or longer
  • 88% of Programs Repeated over 7 years
  • 100% of Programs Obtained Positive Incremental ROI

It is Time to Evaluate the Performance of Your Incentive Program!

The first step to bridging the ROI gap in your incentive program is evaluating your most recent completed program.

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